Five Ways to Keep Your Home Safe when Heading on Vacation

Summer is a time of year many of us enjoy heading on vacation with our friends and family.  Among the excitement of packing your belongings in preparation for the upcoming trip, many of us forget one of the most important tasks – preparing your home for while you’re away. With crime rates on the rise, the last thing you want to do is tempt burglars by leaving tell tales signs that no one’s home.

So how do you best ensure your home’s safety? Here's our top five tips on how to keep your home safe when heading on vacation.

1- Have your mail stopped. There’s no more obvious give-away that a homeowner is gone than mail piling up. If you subscribe to any magazines or newspapers delivered through the post, even one of them on a porch can work like an alert system to the less-than-honest passer-by.

2- Buy a timer to turn on and off lights. A dark house — or one where the lights are turned on 24 hours a day — is another big give-away that someone is gone. Timers that will turn on and off lights are relatively inexpensive and easy to operate.

3- Be cautious about sharing vacation plans and photographs on social media. Remember that we live in a very networked world. A simple share on social media, such as "We’re so excited to visit Paris tomorrow!" is enough to let someone out there know that you’re on the other side of the world and won’t be checking in on your house anytime soon!

4. Don't leave your key in an obvious hiding place. We're talking under the doormat or in a planter. Many people leave spare keys there so these are the places thieves look first. If you need to leave a spare key, give it to a friend or family member.

5. Have a friend look in on your house. Ask if they can stop by, water the plants and have a look around while you’re away. And, of course, offer to do the same for them when they take a few weeks of quality time on vacation. A person seen walking in and out of the house regularly can be a big deterrent.

Taking the time to implement these few simple steps will help ensure you remember your holiday for all the right reasons!


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