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Key Questions To Consider Before Retirement

Posted by Swanbuild on 17, December, 2018

Retirement comes with a lot of adjustment. While most people only think about the financial implications of their retirement, lifestyle planning for the golden years is also important. Here are four questions you should consider when preparing for retirement:

Key Questions Before Retirement Country Living

1. What will you do with all the time?

One of the most significant challenges retirees face is making use of the free time. If you have spent more than half your life working, you may be use to the quick pace of life and sedentary life can be scary. However, if you plan well, you could enjoy every minute of your retirement life. This is the time that you can be of impact to the society. You can find your purpose beyond making money. Can you do some volunteer work? Or can you finally start the hobbies you never seemed to find the time for previously? Knowing what you will do once you have retired will make all that free time seem less daunting and more enjoyable.

2. where will you live?

When you retire, will you want to move to a smaller space to save on housing and utility costs? Would your ideal home be one in the countryside where you can enjoy being immersed in nature? Your home is your most important asset upon retirement, so it’s important to make the right choice. Consider the years you want to live in a particular house and have it custom-made for your requirements.

3. how will you ensure your health does not deteriorate as you age?

Can you consider starting an exercise routine with others in the community or joining a gym? What types of activities do you enjoy that can also help keep your mind sharp? Your retirement should be enjoyable and free from common health issues, so have a plan to keep healthy.

4. what value are you giving your family?

When you retire, you may want to take on a more active role in managing family activities. Will you take care of your grandchildren? Will you now be responsible for organising family outings, holidays and events? It doesn't matter how old you are; people love to be productive. Deciding the role you want to play in your family gives you a sense of importance and purpose, which improves your mental health. 

Thinking about what type of lifestyle you would like and the things you’d like to do when you retire can help you live a life that’s meaningful and enjoyable.

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