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Benefits of Country Living

Posted by Swanbuild on 28, November, 2018

In these days of urbanisation and sky scrapers, many people are feeling the urge to move away from the city. The country offers many more benefits and natural advantages. Living the country lifestyle in country Victoria brings untold improvements to wellbeing, both physically and mentally. There are a few key benefits of living in the country.



Firstly, living in the country is much better for your health. Not only do you breathe in cleaner air, you are less exposed to chemicals and pollutants. This is especially important for children who can be more sensitive to these chemicals in the atmosphere.

Country living also encourages more exercise. With more room to roam, there are plenty of opportunities to run, play and engage in active physical activity. This is a contrast to city living where physical activity is often constrained to a confined space.
Being surrounded by an abundance of trees and open space is also great for mental health, reducing stress and promoting health and wellbeing.


A country lifestyle engenders a sense of community. The people you pass in town and on the road are your neighbours and friends. You have shared lifestyles and interests. In contrast, people you pass in the city are usually strangers who may or may not share a similar lifestyles and interests.

With shared community, it is much better to bring up children and keep family safe. Small communities are generally safer and more supportive.

For these reasons, country living continues to be a valuable lifestyle that attracts those in Australia and around the world.


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