2 Bedroom Homes for Simplicity and Functionality

Many people underestimate 2 bedroom homes and are under the impression that they are always less luxurious than 3 or 4 bedroom homes. This is simply not the case. There are many benefits of investing in a 2 bedroom home; they need not be small; and the designs can be as flexible and varied as their larger-home counterparts.

Benefits of 2 Bedroom Homes

There are many benefits when buying a 2 bedroom home. One is that it can be a great investment for couples starting out financially. If both individuals are working, there is less time to maintain a property. Fortunately, 2 bedroom homes are generally lower maintenance as they are stereotypically smaller than multiple bedroom homes. A 2 Bedroom home also allows some room to move, should circumstances change. A second bedroom could become an office space, if you need to work from home, or cater for one or two small children.

The second bedroom can be used as a spare room for guests, or it could be a multifunctional room, for crafts, hobbies or even an indoor gym. With a 2 bedroom home, you may have more design space for an extra living area outdoors. You could include a verandah or alfresco deck, or extend one, if it is already in your design plan.

The Kempton Facade

Less Can Be More

When we think of 2 bedroom homes we immediately envisage an apartment or unit. A 2 bedroom home need not be small or feel small. Although some of our 2 bedroom home designs are compact floor plans, you can make them appear more spacious through a variety of design ideas. One way to make your home feel bigger is to include high ceilings or a raked ceiling in open plan living areas. Large windows that let in natural light, well placed mirrors, and light coloured walls can also create a sense of space.

Flexible Designs

We have a large selection of 2 bedroom house designs, ranging from the simple, low maintenance ones mentioned above, to more luxurious and varied plans. If you find one of our floor plans that you like, but it is not quite perfect for your needs, we can help you make the modifications to get the home you want.

Choose From Multiple Design Ideas

Here is a rundown of some of our most popular 2 bedroom home plans:

Chippendale: For those who want to spend their time enjoying their home and not maintaining it, the Chippendale has all the necessities in a compact design. There is: an open plan kitchen, dining and living area that opens out to a verandah; a large, functional laundry; bedrooms with built-in robes; and a completely kitted out bathroom. View more on this design here



Elmore 2: This design has the luxury of two bathrooms; the main bathroom, and an ensuite as part of the Master Bedroom, which also has its own walk in robe. This delightful home has a covered front entrance, and an open kitchen and living area at the rear of the house with an attached verandah. View more on this design here

Elmore 2


Homestead 1: This is a country style home with a wrap-around verandah, and ample living space. The Master Bedroom has a walk in robe and ensuite, and the second bedroom is at the other end of the house, and has easy access to the main bathroom. It also has a generous laundry. View more on this design here

Homestead 1


Turpentine 2: This stunning home has a number of luxurious inclusions. Both bedrooms have access to a full size bathroom, and the Master Bedroom’s ensuite has a spa. The second storey has a loft, which runs along the entire length of the house. It is the perfect place for storage or as a playroom or bedroom for when the grandkids stay. View more on this design here.
Turpentine 2


Somerset 1: Perfect for retirees or a couple’s first investment, this contemporary home has a modern split skillion design and provides low maintenance comfort. There is easy access to the bathroom from both bedrooms; a functional laundry; open plan kitchen and dining; and an optional portico. There are also large vertical windows that allow plenty of natural light into the house.  View more on this design here.

Somerset 1


Kempton: Perfect for first home buyers or retirees, this simple but functional design has a beautiful optional verandah that wraps arounds the front of the house. There are also walk in robes for both bedrooms; a generous open plan kitchen and living area; an ample laundry; and plenty of storage space to boot. View more on this design here.


We have an extensive range of 2 bedroom homes, beyond those outlined above, and all are able to be customised. Head to our website to see more.

Whether you are searching for your first house or downsizing, two bedroom homes offer low maintenance, comfort and a range of flexible design options to suit any situation.



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