Could modular be the answer for your ‘difficult’ site?

Often sites in a great location or with great views come with added challenges. Don’t let that put you off though. It doesn’t need to be difficult! Modular builds are the perfect solution for a wide range of complicated sites. Our unique construction process removes the need for extensive earthworks, and we have plenty of experience to draw from in undertaking such a project.

Difficult sites

What constitutes a difficult site? Your property may be in a rural location, which is arduous to access. It may have a steep slope that makes a traditional build tricky to navigate. Your site may have access issues, which similarly makes it hard for materials and equipment to be transported there each day. Alternatively, you may have a site which is prone to bushfires or floods. We can assist with all of these issues.

A Swanbuild home on a sloping site

Modular process

Why are we the go-to for difficult sites? It’s simple: our homes factory built, and then transported and placed on a custom built steel chassis at your property. This means that the majority of the build happens in our purpose built facility, without the difficulties that your site might present to traditional builders. There is no need for daily navigation of the site to try and build directly on the land - this makes a huge difference. It is quicker and safer to build in a factory setting.

No extensive (or expensive) earthworks

Substantial works to the site are not required when you build with us. You may wonder how we get your home onto the difficult site. The house is constructed in modules that are transported separately and affixed together at your property. We simply prepare your site with engineered piers, ready for the home to be craned in and installed. Then we give it its finishing touches.

'Difficult' sites often come with amazing views!

Experience makes a difference

Swanbuild has extensive experience in building on sites other builders would classify as difficult. Before you deem your dream build too hard, get in touch with us.


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