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4 Must-Know Tips to Make Your New Build Water Efficient

Posted by Swanbuild on 26, February, 2019

When it comes to a new build, installing water efficient systems, fixtures, and appliances offer a variety of benefits. For starters, you can save on water costs. Secondly, conserving water is important for the environment and preserving this precious resource for future generations. Lastly, water conserving efforts help to minimise the effects of droughts and water shortages. Let's take a look at 4 ways you can make your new build water efficient.

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Considerations When Positioning Your Home

Posted by Swanbuild on 29, January, 2019

The orientation of your home is an important factor to consider. If well positioned, the need for additional heating and cooling will drop, your home will be brighter, and you can easily take in the views from surrounding land.

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Choosing A Floor Plan Layout For Your New Home

Posted by Swanbuild on 17, December, 2018

Building a new home is exciting and one key benefit of building is that you can design a floor plan layout that suits your needs. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a floor plan for your new home.

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Swanbuild Homes of 2018

Posted by Swanbuild on 28, November, 2018

As we're nearing the end of a busy 2018, we wanted to share some of the wonderful homes we have completed this year. We're looking forward to another year ahead!

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A Fully Custom Home in Hurstbridge

Posted by Swanbuild on 25, October, 2018

While there are many Swanbuild home plans available which can all be customised, we also build fully custom homes. Whether you have existing plans, or just ideas of what you want in your new home, Swanbuild can work with you to develop and build your dream home. We recently worked with a family who brought their own plans. Take a look at their fully custom home and find out more about their experience in the video below.

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