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We're Expanding...Watch This Space!

Posted by Swanbuild on 6 October 2017

We have some exciting news to share with those looking for a perfect new home to start the next chapter of home ownership.  Here at Swanbuild, we are currently doubling the production space we use to create our custom designed modular homes.  By doubling our work space, we hope to reduce production times even further, which means our clients can enjoy their new home even faster than expected.

20170922_101041.jpgA snapshot of some of our additional 10,000m2 of building space 

continued focus on Quality

Just because we are increasing our work area does not mean we plan to only focus on quantity, rather than quality.  As part of our expansion project, we also plan to hire additional professional contractors so every home we build will receive the same attention to quality and detail that our clients expect.  Of course, expanding our work space still means the homes of our clients will be built in a controlled production environment, allowing us to ensure the integrity of the construction process.

sky replaced.jpg
We build each and every Swanbuild home with unsurpassed quality and care

Increased Commercial Capability  

Our expansion project also includes additional work space for our commercial divison, Pretect, to efficiently manage large projects in line with tight project schedules. The increased space will allow the division to more easily accommodate the increased demand for modular schools and other types of commercial buildings, delivering projects on time and on budget - every time. 

Pretect Image.jpgAdditional space facilitates the construction of large scale commercial projects

Additional News

We are also in the process of building an exciting new display home, the Cube 6! This will be the first ever display home to be built on our new modular slab system and will provide our clients with a first-hand look at new features such as polished concrete floors for the kitchen, entryway and family areas.

20170621_114649.jpgThe base of our new Cube 6 display home is complete.

At Swanbuild we are commited to constantly innovating and adapting to meet the wants and needs of our clients. Stay tuned for progress updates on all of our recent changes!

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