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Planning Your New Home’s Orchard

Posted by Swanbuild on 29, January, 2019

Many people decide to live out in the country because they love the idea of having enough land on which to grow their own fruits and vegetables. There's nothing quite like simply walking out into one's backyard and picking enough fruit to make a pie or having the kids or grandkids run out to grab a snack fresh from the tree. If this sounds like the ideal country life to you, then read on to learn more about how to make it all come true.

Picking an apple

Reputable nurseries will provide buyers with key information about what every tree type requires in order to grow and thrive. If you have a specific tree in mind, you might want to determine the ideal planting time. Some trees are best planted ‘bare rooted’ during the winter, whereas others require planting in the spring. Miscalculating the planting season often means you'll have to wait an additional year if you have your heart set on a specific fruit tree. 

Some trees such as peach or apricot are self-pollinating, meaning they only need themselves in order to pollinate and produce a healthy crop. Other trees such as apple and plum, require cross-pollination in order to thrive. This means an apple tree needs another variety of an apple tree nearby in order for bees to perform their task of cross-pollination. If you want cross-pollinating trees, be sure there is enough room allocated for all of the trees to grow and flourish.

Consideration should also be given to how much sun a tree requires and whether the planned location of the orchard can meet those requirements. Access to water is crucial when establishing your orchard, so keep this in mind when planning. Some types of trees are very hardy, whereas others will require extra water and perhaps other special care such as regular pruning or fertilising.

With a little planning and consideration, even the most unexperienced gardeners can plant and care for an orchard that will provide for many years to come. For those of us that need it, fortunately there is generally plenty of expert advice available at your local nursery to assist in making the right purchases for your particular situation. 

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