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What is Your Preferred Home Style? Overview of Key Style Categories

Posted by Swanbuild on 2, May, 2017

One of the perks of building a new home is that you can bring your personal style to life by selecting a style of home that you've always admired. At times it is difficult to describe your vision to others but when it comes to home style, the options available can usually be grouped into a handful of broad categories:


This style of home is defined by innovative designs, bold lines, and smart elements. A perfect example of a modern home is our Contempo 1 design, featuring a split skillion roof and a combination of cladding materials.

Contempo 1 Home Design 


Traditional homes never really go out of style and will always maintain their grandeur. Whether you grew up in a traditional style home or watched them appear in countless movies over the years, this style often evokes feelings of sentiment and nostalgia. Swanbuild honours the traditional home design with our Turpentine 1 plan, incorporating all the charm one would expect this style of home to encompass.  

turpentine 1 cropped.png
Turpentine 1 Home Design 


These family centric homes carry farmhouse and rustic inspired flair. Country homes typically maximise family spaces and feature a warm and welcoming exterior. Our Villa 2 epitomises country home design and is designed to have a truly timeless look and feel.

Villa 2 Home Design 

French Provincial

French provincial homes are nothing if not grand and impressive. Often featuring a muted colour palette, these homes ooze luxury and sophistication. Our Upper Level 4 is a great example of a French Provincial home that is both ornate and inviting.

Upper Level 4


Combining traditional functional features with contemporary square design, cube homes are one of the latest trends in home building. Featuring minimalist elements both internally and externally, these homes make a strong visual statement. Our Prevalent 1 with optional cube façade is the perfect example of this modern style.

Prevalent 1 Home Design 

After reviewing these popular styles, which do you resonate with most? Whether you prefer traditional or modern, country or cube, everybody has their individual preferences and quirks which is why no two homes are ever the same. If you’re looking to build your dream home, turn your vision into a reality by contacting our team of design experts for an obligation free consultation today!  

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