Modular Homes: The Eco-Friendly Choice

Modular homes have become increasingly popular in recent years and it's easy to see why - in addition to being stylish and cost effective they're also very environmentally friendly. By adopting efficient production lines and using sustainable building materials, companies such as Swanbuild have mastered the art of the eco-friendly modular home.

Environmentally Friendly Building Techniques

Unlike traditional on-site built houses, a modular home is built by a team of experts in a controlled undercover facility. Leftover building material, which would otherwise be disposed of in landfill, can often be recycled by the facility to minimise waste product, particularly timber and other natural resources. The efficiency of the production line technique results in a reduction of the amount of building material required, lessening the impact of the home's construction on the environment while lowering the cost to the customer.

Sustainable Building Materials

Certain modular builders, including Swanbuild, construct their homes using timber as it is widely considered one of the most environmentally friendly building materials available. Because forests are continuously replenished, timber is a sustainable and renewable resource that has a number of positive impacts over the lifespan of the cycle including the natural reduction of greenhouse gasses.

In addition to this, the ability of timber to insulate against heat transmission and electricity conduction provides an added benefit, not to mention the advantages timber brings to elegant and functional home designs!

Minimal Impact on the Surrounding Environment

Constructing a house on site traditionally requires all building materials to be trucked in and processed by tradespeople on site. It's an ordeal that lays waste to the land before the house even begins to take shape. Because modular homes are constructed in a factory setting and only delivered to the site once they are 90% complete, the impact of construction on the surrounding environment is much less severe.

To see how beautifully style, function, and environmental responsibility can come together, check out our range of modular homes today.

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