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How Modular Homes Are Redefining Retirement

Posted by Swanbuild on 8, September, 2017

For those transitioning in to retirement, the prospect of enjoying your future years relaxed and stress free is well deserved. You’ve worked hard your whole life and can finally enjoy the fruits of your labour. Your change in lifestyle will be multifaceted, including more time to travel, develop new hobbies, and possibly even undertake babysitting duties for your grandchildren!

One of the challenges many retirees find themselves facing is the decision on whether or not to downsize. Often the current home is simply too big and rather than spending time trying out new activities or going to new places, they notice they are spending far too much time trying to keep up with the demands of a big home.  For other couples, perhaps the size of their home is just right, but it is showing its age.  These homeowners find themselves frequently addressing home repairs - if it's not one thing it will be another!


Buying a smaller, existing home often comes with many of these same challenges and the thought of building a new home can feel overwhelming. This is where modular homes provide the perfect solution and allow retirees to have the best of both worlds – a new home that is tailored exactly to their needs, without the headaches associated with a traditional build.  

Modular homes provide the perfect solution as they offer an affordable, stress free way to build a customised home. At Swanbuild we have a range of 70+ home designs, including our Estate Living range which has been specifically designed with retirees in mind. All of these designs can be completely customised to suit your specific needs, and once we have your input on design and style, we can take care of everything else – from beginning to end.  The entire process is streamlined to make it as easy and stress free as possible, while ensuring you will end up with a home you will love for years to come. We understand you want a beautiful new home, without the hassle of a long, drawn out process which is why we’ve developed our modular homes as the perfect solution.  

For retirees, modular building truly is the best of both worlds.  You'll end up with a brand new home that meets your current and future living needs, and you won't get bogged down in the upkeep or repairs as you are with your current home.  If you are downsizing, you'll save money on utility bills while freeing up time which you can invest in leisure activities, new hobbies, travel - whatever you would like. If this sounds like something that would enhance your lifestyle and complement the best years of your life, contact us to find out how you can start enjoying your retirement years in a new home. To read more about how modular construction works, please visit our information page



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