What happens when your home arrives on site?

While there are many ways to build your new home, there are some major differences between the modular building process and traditional builds. While a traditional build will take place almost exclusively on your site from start to finish and can be at the mercy of external factors like weather. A modular build takes place mainly within a factory setting, before being transferred to your pre prepared site. But what actually happens when your home arrives and how do we help get your site ready for delivery?
The Process

It all starts with us marking or pegging out your home design on your site to make sure that the orientation and placement of your home is exactly how you want it – this then provides us with the measurements we need to get your site ready for the first step, the piers. These piers (or ‘stumps’) are then secured into the ground in exactly the right places to give your new home a stable and solid base to sit on. We’ll also check all access points and clearance to give us the best idea of what equipment we will need to make sure your home is safely maneuvered onto its base. All of this work is carried out well in advance of your home arriving on site to give us the opportunity to make sure there are no problems or issues that need to be addressed.


While your site is prepared, your home begins its build within our factory. We work on getting your house built to almost 90% completion in this controlled environment, which means that there are no delays due to poor weather and each stage of the build is carefully scheduled so that the build will keep progressing. Another advantage of building within our factory is that there is minimal disruption to your site – whether it be to your neighbours or the land itself, there isn’t the need to have heavy equipment and tradespeople on site every day until your home is built!

Once your home is nearly complete at our factory, we begin preparing each section or module for transportation to your site. Our experience means that we can safely and efficiently transport your home to where it needs to be, and our innovative folding roof system allows us to offer steeper pitched roofs on our homes that will still meet all requirements for transport via road. Your new home then begins its journey to you.


One of the most exciting days of your build is here - the day your home arrives on site! Depending on the access to your site your home is carefully lifted from the trucks via crane or delicately slid into place on the pre-installed piers. This process usually happens pretty quickly and barring any issues your home is fixed to the piers, connected together and weather-proof within the same day as arrival. Once each module has been secured in place the next stage can begin!

Our team of tradespeople begin to get the exterior of your home finished and it’s at this point where we add any external options or extras you may have such as carports and verandahs. We also add any subfloor skirting and make sure all the cladding is 100% before making sure all external paint finishes are in top condition. We then turn our attention to the inside of your home – the team begin by making sure all joins are invisible, so you wouldn’t even notice them! The connection is seamless and you’ll have a hard time to even know where one module ends and another begins. Once this is done, we make sure that any imperfections that have occurred during transport are fixed up to our incredibly high standard before checking all your fixtures and fittings to make sure your home is exactly how you wanted it and everything is as it should be.

We then make all the finishing touches that need to be made, including any painting or appliance installation. Your home will also be professionally cleaned ready for you to move in. Once we’ve performed a thorough walkthrough and signed off on all work, a very special moment in your build journey happens…you get the keys!


At Swanbuild we make the whole process as easy as we can for all our clients, and we’ll keep you up to date every step of the way to make sure you always know what stage your home is at. If you’re interested in getting the perfect home for you, check out our designs or give us a call!


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