What to look for in a modular home builder

No two builders are the same and this is also true of modular home builders. There are certain qualities you should look for in your builder to ensure you make the right choice for this all important, lifetime investment. A high quality modular build company, like Swanbuild Homes, will have: professional staff, clear processes, open lines of communication with you at all times, a wide range of designs or the option to customise your design, extensive experience, be able to deliver to many locations, and a reputation for building quality homes...

Professional and dedicated staff

The people who assist you with delivering your dream home are key to ensuring what you envision becomes a reality. Swanbuild is a family-owned and operated business and our focus is on understanding our customers and their overall satisfaction. We value delivering on our promises, being friendly, and having integrity and transparency, which is embodied in our staff and processes.

Clear processes
Building a modular home is a journey with many different elements, and it is vital to have a builder who will keep you informed at every stage. Our staff will be there to consult with you from the initial meeting, through the discussion of planning and design, contract and documentation, the start of the build, on to lock up, and afterwards for customer care.

Good communication
One of the key features of a quality modular builder is how they communicate with everyone involved in the build process, especially the customer. Swanbuild’s team has open lines of communication at all times. Our goal is to deliver the home you envisioned and we do that by regularly checking in and updating our clients. The communication between our staff is also integral to ensure the build process is seamless.

Assistance with every aspect
Despite working out of a factory for the majority of the time, quality modular builders see your property transform from start to finish. We will come out to see your site as often as is required, and can assist with sloping sites, flood prone and bush fire risk areas. After we have delivered and assembled your home, we then attach verandahs and anything else that could not be undertaken in the factory setting. You don’t miss out on anything with a quality modular builder, in comparison to a traditional builder. In fact, we can build your home more quickly and efficiently.

Offer various design options
Another element to look for in a quality modular builder, is that they have plenty of choice when it comes to floor plans. Swanbuild has a large range in various styles including: country, contemporary and cube, amongst others. There are single and double storey homes, multiple options for the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas, as well as alfrescos, porches, various roof pitches and much more. We are confident that there will be several designs, which spark your interest.

Ability to customise
If, for whatever reason, your dream plan for your home is not in our selection or you would like to make some changes to better fit your lifestyle,  we'll work with you to tailor a design to suit your specific needs. We don’t believe in making our customers compromise when it comes to their dream home.

Custom Planning
Extensive experience and solid reputation
Experience and reputation absolutely raise the bar when it comes to choosing a modular builder. Swanbuild Homes has been in the business for over thirty years, and with every build we have been able to develop and focus our skills to become better at what we do. With extensive experience and continued excellence, reputation follows - just check out some of our testimonials from our happy clients.

Crafts quality builds
Just as important as the quality of service is the quality of the homes, so be sure you check out the finished homes before choosing a modular builder. We suggest visiting display homes and reading testimonials. At Swanbuild Homes we pride ourselves on building high quality modular homes with the best available materials. Along with our extensive experience, dedicated teams and tried and tested processes, we are able to craft high quality homes on time and to budget. Furthermore, because our modular homes are built in a factory setting, the modules and the building materials are not exposed to the elements like homes which are built on site. New builds transported to their properties are fresh, and have not been weathered by the sun, wind, rain or frost.

Can deliver to many locations 
People wanting to build a modular home also need to consider the accessibility of the builder they choose. At Swanbuild Homes, we have the luxury of undertaking the majority of our build in our factory, and only need to access our customer properties at various key points before transporting and assembling their home, which means less disruption to your site or neighbours, and also allows us to deliver to a host of locations including all of Victoria, Eastern South Australia and Southern New South Wales.

Choosing the right modular builder for you is integral to making your dream home become a reality. You need to be assured that they will be able to meet your needs. This is with regard to: understanding what you want, keeping you informed, having the design and style of house you would like, building a high quality home, and delivering to the time and budget agreed upon. Swanbuild Homes has built a reputation of meeting these expectations and we would love to assist you in creating your dream home.

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