Three Trends For 2021

With a new year comes new design trends, and 2021 is no exception. After the year that was, it is easy to comprehend why they reflect what we craved in 2020: rooms that are adaptable and functional; designs that bring nature indoors; and strategies that make our inside spaces feel bigger.

Adaptable layouts and multifunctional rooms

After our experience with working and facilitating remote learning from home, many are considering how spaces in their homes can be adapted for various situations. Think office by day, lounge at night, or office during the week and rumpus room on weekends. Assess the value of adding built in desks (gone are the days of working from the kitchen bench) and enough storage to hide your work away when you are not working. Also consider the area behind your back at your desk, as we now invite people into our homes with video conferencing. Connected rooms with double doors or hidden pocket doors can bring spaces together but also allow privacy and flexibility when required.

Flexible work from home spaces 

Connecting with nature

Since spending more time at home, we appreciate the calming effect of the great outdoors. Blur the lines between indoors and outdoors with big picture windows and large sliding stacker or concertina doors. Invest in a verandah or alfresco so you can enjoy the outdoors partially (or fully if you add the ability to enclose your alfresco) whilst remaining shielded from the elements. Earthy tones are also back in vogue. Beige, brown, olives and yellow accents offer warmth and diversity and are replacing once popular whites and greys.

Blur the lines between indoors and outdoors


Oversized and bold tiles

Larger tiles help to make a space feel bigger, provide less visual clutter, and have less grout to clean! If selecting simple, oversized tiles, consider handmade, artistic, patterned or colourful tiles as an accent. Perhaps have simple large format tiles on your walls, and a floor with a unique pattern. Alternatively, for just a hint of fun, try simple floor and wall tiles with accents of patterned tiles as splashbacks or shower niches.

Large tiles make a room feel bigger

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