Building on a Sloping Block? Here’s What You Need to Know

Aspiring homeowners in Victoria, NSW and other parts of Australia dream of waking up to a stunning hillside view and ending the day with dazzling sights of a sparkling city skyline. Making this dream a reality, however, would mean building on sloped land. And as you may know, designing and building a home—whether a site-built or modular home—on a sloping site can present several challenges not only to the builder, but also to the owner.

This doesn’t mean the project can’t be done, though. With expert insight and practical tips, getting the house you’ve always wanted is possible. Here’s everything you need to know about building on a sloped block.

The Challenges of Building on Sloped Land

The saying ‘nothing good in life ever comes easy’ holds true when constructing a home on a sloped block, as various concerns may arise. The first is accessibility. If a block is severely sloped, it may be too difficult for the average person to enter and leave from, rendering it impractical. It may also require a large amount of extra work for the builders, especially with a site-built home which would involve extensive cut & fill earth works including foundation up-to-floor level works. A lot of this work can be eliminated by using poles or stilts to support a ready made relocatable home. The home is simply craned on to the stilts!

Another is the direction of the slope since this would dictate your home’s design. Some would slope up from the road, while others towards the back. Unlike the former, the latter can be easier to work with as it would not require more excavation or use of retaining walls for stability. Other concerns involve drainage problems, height restrictions, compliance with council regulations, and more.

Why a House on a Sloped Site is Worth It

While there are unique challenges to constructing one’s abode on a sloped block, the advantages easily outweigh them. The most obvious advantage is being able to enjoy breathtaking views of the city or mountains, giving the property a higher resale value.

In addition to the views, the various design possibilities also make it attractive to aspiring homeowners. From the home’s interiors, to the outdoor area and landscaping, owners have plenty of options to customise their property.

The Key to Building the Perfect Home

The key to successfully building a house on a sloped block is quality—both in design and construction. Thus, make sure to choose builders who have solid experience in this type of project, like our team here at Swanbuild.

As a leader in the construction of prefab homes and transportable office buildings in SA and NSW, Swanbuild has extensive experience in designing and constructing custom homes for sloping sites. We will work with you to help you achieve the house you’ve always wanted. So why not take the next step now? Phone us today and let us know your requirements. We’d love to provide you with a Design Build Proposal for your new house.


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