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What is the Difference Between a Kit Home and a Modular Home?

Posted by Swanbuild on 17, January, 2018

If you've always dreamed of designing and building your own home, it can be daunting to understand all the various home construction terms and how they can impact your decision as to what type of home will best suit your particular situation. In this post, we will outline some of the differences between two types of homes – ‘kit homes’ and ‘modular homes’. Knowing the basic differences will make it easier to decide which one is the perfect solution for you and your family.

Modular Homes

A modular home is constructed with the same quality materials that comprise a site-built home, the only difference is that the construction process for a modular home occurs in a factory setting. Up to 95% of the work is completed in a secure factory, then individual sections are transported to the homeowner's property for the final steps of completion, including combining the separate housing components, connecting to services and completing the finishing touches. Even components such as flooring, lighting, tile surfaces and kitchen fixtures are installed at the factory, so most of the home's building process is complete when it is ready for moving. Generally speaking, modular homes have a higher cost than kit homes, however this includes substantially more materials and labour as your home is built by a team of professionals (rather than leaving the majority of the work to the home owner).

For those who want a degree of personal involvement without overcommitting to manage an entire build, a popular option is a 'built to lock up’ modular home which allows you to complete many of the internal elements of your home. To help determine if this could be the best option for you we’ve put together an article: Built to Lock Up or Package Home: What's the Difference?

sky replaced.jpgConstruction continues on this modular home in the undercover Swanbuild factory

Kit Homes

Kit homes are similar to modular homes in that their components are also built in a factory setting, however the individual components are only partially assembled by professionals. A substantial amount of additional work is required by the homeowner who essentially acts as a general contractor, either hiring professionals to complete the building process or completing an owner's building course to complete the home themselves.

The basic cost of a kit home is generally less than that of a modular home, however most kit homes generally do not include any fittings or finishes which eventually must be accounted for. Kit homes also require more participation from the homeowner in the form of managing the finishing process or doing the work to complete the home themselves.

shutterstock_121782454.jpgThe supplied frame of a kit home starts to take shape

Both home types have their unique pros and cons, depending upon your vision of what the ideal home building process looks like. If you would like to further discuss the differences between the two methods of construction, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of modular construction experts today, or click here to read more!

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