5+ bedroom homes for complete freedom of choice

If you have the space and the means, a house with five bedrooms or more is the ultimate dream. Whether you have a large family, regularly entertain and accommodate visitors, or want to capitalise on the extra rooms for other purposes, a house with five bedrooms will allow you complete freedom of choice, no matter your current lifestyle status.


If you have a large growing family or care for elderly parents, a five bedroom home will ensure that each person can have their own space. It could also lessen arguments, especially as children grow into teenagerhood and crave more privacy and independence. In such large houses, bedrooms can be separated throughout the house, and you could have a designated area for parents and children, or for elderly adults with separate living areas too. Some specific design plans have separate quarters for a dependent, such as an elderly relative, or for a teenager retreat. When people have an assigned space, they are more likely to return to communal living areas when they want to be social, and this makes for a happier home.

The Mitchell Home Design



If you do not need the five bedrooms as actual sleeping quarters, there are a plethora of options for the remaining rooms. This will vary depending on your lifestyle and type of family. Parents with young children may like to create a designated playroom. For older teenagers or for individuals working from home, you may fit out rooms as studies. Musical families could have a room for storing instruments and playing music. You could have a craft room, gym, store room, video gaming room or extensive walk in robe! The possibilities are endless.


If you live in a rural area, or far from extended family, you will probably want spare rooms for guests when they visit. If visitors are commonplace, it is much simpler and more convenient to have specific rooms readily available for guests, rather than shuffling the existing family around each time. This is definitely a benefit of five plus bedroom homes, if it applies to your situation.


Like our 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes, we have an abundance of 5 bedroom plus plans, and there is sure to be one that will suit your needs. Here are some of our most popular ones:

Monumental 3: This extensive home has 5 bedrooms, one of which has its own living area, ideal for a dependent person or teenager. The house has 3 bathrooms, multiple living areas and a wrap around verandah. View more on this design here

Monumental 3


Villa 1: This enormous home is separated into two areas. 4 bedrooms, a rumpus room and a study are on one side of the house, and the parents quarters and kitchen on the other. The living area is in the centre. There are a variety of flexible options with this design if this particular style does not suit your needs. View more on this design here

Villa 1


Voluminous series ( Voluminous 2 & 3): Both of these houses have the master bedroom on one side of the house and the other 4 bedrooms, study and laundry on the other. There is an extensive living area and kitchen in the middle of the home. View more on the Voluminous 2 design here and view more on the Voluminous 3 design here


Voluminous 2

Voluminous 3


The following homes are 4 bedroom homes with a study that can easily become a fifth bedroom:

Monash: This home has the master and ensuite on one side of the house, which backs onto the alfresco. The 4 bedrooms are on the other side, and a generous living area and kitchen with walk in pantry is in between. There is also a second storey loft. View more on this design here.



Blackwood 5: This wide family home has the living areas at the front, which opens out onto an optional verandah. The bedrooms are along the back of the house, aside from the fifth bedroom/study, which is at the front. View more on this design here.

Blackwood 5


Homestead 5: This homestead is essentially a 4 bedroom home with a toyroom and study, either of which could be made into a fifth bedroom. The entrance takes you into the living area in the centre. The master bedroom is on one side of the house, and other bedrooms on the other. View more on this design here.

Homestead 5


Denzel: The master bedroom has a spacious ensuite with spa; the generous living area in the middle opens out onto an optional alfresco; and the remaining bedrooms are on the other side of the home, with a laundry and second bathroom. View more on this design here.



Mitchell: With an optional wrap around verandah, like many other designs, the living area is in the centre. This has the master bedroom and another bedroom or study on one side, and the remaining bedrooms on the other. View more on this design here.



Alternatively, you can customise one of our plans to add extra bedrooms, or we can build your own custom home design! Contact Swanbuild Homes today and we can assist you in getting started on building your dream five bedroom home.


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