Advantages of Elevated Homes that Extend Beyond the Views

Elevated, or stilt homes as they are sometimes referred to, always offer a lot in the way of unique and beautiful design. In this post we will outline some of the advantages of an elevated home and look at why more people are beginning to opt for elevated homes. 

A Better View

Elevated home designs are often selected for their ability to provide better scenic views. A home on stilts often offers views above nearby tree lines and this is especially desirable on lakefront, oceanfront, or hillside properties.

Elevated Home by SwanbuildAn elevated Swabuild home, incorporating space for parking underneath. 

Increased Ventilation

Especially in warm and humid climates, the increased elevation provides a natural mechanism in which to provide improved ventilation underneath and around a home. This helps regulate temperatures inside the house and decreases the likelihood of mould and mildew growth.


In flood-prone regions like coastal areas or river fronts, a home on stilts affords the occupants some protection against flooding. In addition, there are no first floor windows, making it more difficult for strangers to look in and/or possibly break into the home.

Elevated HomeA Swanbuild home bult on stilts to cater for a sloping site. 

Increased Stability

It might seem counter-intuitive, but stilts can actually increase the foundational stability of a home. When the ground underneath a home is somewhat unstable, as in the case of a steeply sloped area or a sandy beach, stilts can provide the strong foundation that is needed to properly support a home.

If you are wondering if we have modular home designs that work beautifully in elevated areas, the answer is yes! In fact, almost all of our home designs can be built on stilts if desired! Please contact us for more on how to find the perfect design for you.

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