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Eco-Friendly Modular Homes

Posted by Swanbuild on 30, August, 2017

Thanks to an increased focus on environmental impact around the globe, society is more aware of their responsibility to make sustainable or “eco-friendly” choices wherever possible, across all aspects of life. Importantly, this has extended into the selection and ongoing efficiency of our homes, which has subsequently resulted in a boom in the popularity of modular homes, largely due to the environmentally friendly building techniques. 

Sustainable Modular Homes

Environmentally friendly building techniques 

  • Minimal waste thanks to the advanced recycling ability of the factory production line
  • Once on-site each home is completed with only a minimal number of tradesmen, minimising impact on the surrounding land
  • Utilisation of 'green' building materials, such as timber.

Why timber? 

Timber is one of the most environmentally responsible building materials thanks to features that make it:

  • Carbon-neutral
  • Renewable, recyclable and sustainable
  • Contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gasses 
  • Insulate against heat transmission 

At Swanbuild, we take pride in caring for the environment, and all of our homes are crafted from ‘green’ building materials wherever possible. Every single one of our homes are built to a minimum 6 star energy rating for a high level of ongoing efficiency, with the ability to incorporate specific customisations that will further minimise a home’s carbon footprint.

We welcome you to book an obligation free consultation with one of our home design experts to discuss how we can help bring your vision to life with our custom built, eco-friendly homes. If you wold like to read more about modular construction, please visit our information page

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