5+ Bedroom designs for the ultimate dream home

When it comes to the rural living dream, many of us want the space inside our home to reflect the space outside, and give ourselves the room that city and town living can’t always provide. At Swanbuild, we have a range of homes that give you all the space you need to really live the dream...

A home for everyone

You may already have a large family unit, or one that is growing, which is where a five-bedroom home can really come into its own. Whether you have elderly relatives that you care for, or several young adults at home who require plenty of their own space having the extra rooms can be particularly useful. Having the ability to get everyone together – whether it’s the whole family, or you’re entertaining friends is something we all would love, and our larger homes have spacious communal living areas so the whole gang can gather together!

Flexible Spaces
Perhaps you don’t quite need 5 actual bedrooms, but still want areas to suit your lifestyle and family needs. Well that’s no problem! We can help you achieve this by turning a bedroom into a playroom for the younger ones, or a movie/games room for the older ones! Maybe you’ve always wanted a space for your hobbies, or a study to give you a quiet space to get work done – having the ability and room to customise your home to your needs is great.

Room for guests
If you’ve made the move to the country where you may not be as close to friends and extended family, then knowing that you have the capacity to accommodate any visitors who come to stay, while being able to afford them all their own space is great for those who frequently have guests staying with them.

Take a look at some of our 5+ Bedroom homes that are designed to help you achieve that lifestyle dream you’ve always wanted! Simply click on any of the homes below to find out more….

Monumental 2

Voluminous 2

Villa 1

And we have plenty more designs available! to see more of our larger homes, why not start with our Acre Series? Or you can head over and check out all our designs here.

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