Sorting modular home fact from fiction

While modular building has been a popular option for building your new home for many, many years – there are still lots of myths and preconceptions about modular building that prevail today. In this blog, we’ll sort the fact from the fiction to help give you a better idea of what you get when you build a modular home with Swanbuild…

They’re the same as mobile homes
We start with a big one - there are many people who think that a modular home is the same as a mobile home – and this couldn’t be further from the truth! Mobile homes are designed to be easily moved from one spot to another and while they often sit on concrete bases, are usually not fixed to these to make transportation easier. Modular homes are complete homes that are only spit into modules for transportation from factory to site. When they arrive, they are placed on pre-prepared base and piers and then re-joined and finished to our incredibly high standards – once finished they are practically indistinguishable from traditional builds. 

They aren’t as safe
We’re not really sure where this idea came from, but we know it’s certainly not true! Modular homes must meet stringent safety requirements and are sometimes even held to higher criteria due to the nature of the build. At Swanbuild, when we’re planning your new home with you, we also take into account whether your home is in a bushfire area so we can meet the required BAL rating, or if your site is in a flood area we can make provisions to make sure your home stay safe and protected.

They’re made with cheaper materials
Modular homes may be factory built, but we use exactly the same materials as any other build. All our materials are sourced from reputable suppliers – the same used by traditional builders. In fact, being factory built means we can be extremely precise when building your home and materials are not exposed to poor weather, which not only leads to less waste but also means we know all the materials going into your home are in the best condition. We stand by our extremely high standards which is why we went the extra mile to get accreditations in quality throughout our building process.

They are expensive to maintain

As with any home – modular, kit or traditional build - there are of course costs to keep your home in top shape. However these costs are no more or less in modular building as any other! This myth seems to come from the fact that modular homes are built off site and therefore require more maintenance once finished on site, which simply isn’t true! Our precision building process means we have an extremely high degree of control on our builds while our team of qualified trades people will finish the home on site and make sure they are finished to the highest standard.

They all look the same
Now this seems to come from the days when modular was becoming popular in commercial settings. While in the early days of modular builds there certainly wasn’t as much choice, advances in techniques and technology means that now there are endless ways for a modular home to look! Here at Swanbuild we have over 70 different standard home designs and lots of styles to choose from so you can get a home that suits your lifestyle and looks exactly how you want it to. We can also customise the floor plan of your home and you can tailor the look with a myriad of colour options, finishes, cladding and more available! 


They are hard to finance
Again, this seems to be caused by confusion between modular and mobile homes. While mobile homes can be hard to finance due to their rapid depreciation and shorter life span, modular homes are built with much more structural integrity and the finished build is pretty much the same as a traditional build. In some cases, getting finance for a modular home can be more straight forward – especially if the lender knows or has a working relationship with the building company. At Swanbuild, we’re here to help with every aspect of your build – and that includes assisting with financing!

Despite modular building becoming more and more popular over the years and huge advances in what can be done, these myths around the process remain. We’ve delivered over 90 dream homes this year alone – and with so many people wanting to make the move to the country, why not check out our home designs and find the perfect home for you…

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