How Swanbuild can help you plan for future additions to your home

Here at Swanbuild, we will work with you in many ways to make sure you get the maximum home for your budget that has everything you need. We also understand that sometimes your budget may not stretch to cover everything you would like in your home right away, but you still want the opportunity to make any additions once you’re in your new home. Well we can help there too! Swanbuild can assist throughout our design, planning and build processes to ‘future proof’ your home so that you can make additions after you’ve moved in and topped up your budget. We take a look at how we can do this with you…When we begin the initial plan and design for your home, we’ll let you know what can be achieved with your current budget. If you’re thinking that you’d like to make some future additions, simply let us know! We’ll discuss what this will look like with you and see how we can factor this in to the design of your home so that it will be as simple as possible to make these additions when you can.

Our team will look at all aspects of the design and recommend the best way to make sure you can get everything you want in the future, whether it’s the space for a car port, deck, verandah or even solar panels and water tanks. Once we’ve established exactly what you’d love to add, we can make sure there is scope in the plan and layout of your home so that this is possible – this may mean a few tweaks to your design or orientation of your home so that you can still get the best from it when you move in, but can also add on extras with the minimum of stress at a later date.

If during the planning stage we can make any suggestions on changes you could make to get your dream additions sooner, we’ll let you know! We never want our clients to compromise on their dream, but often there are ways that we can make adjustments that you may not of thought of to help you get that verandah quicker than you thought.

It’s not just at the design stage that we can help either! When it comes to applying to your local council for permits – we’ll assist there too. We can make sure that any additions that you are thinking of adding to your home are included in drawings and plans, as well as in any reports required, so that when you apply for a permit, the council will have all the information about your plans for your home going forward as well as right now.

Verandah View
Swanbuild can assist with your permit applications with the local council, so that when you’re ready to add to your home, you’ll already have the permission and permits you require to make the additions so that the process will be easy and as stress free as possible, as well as allowing you to be able to begin straight away, rather than applying to the council again and waiting for approval, which could take several weeks, if not months.

We know that your home is a huge part of your life and we want to make sure we can help you get exactly what you want. While your current budget may not cover all the additions you want right now, we don’t want you to miss out and so will do all we can to make sure when you do have some extra budget, you can make the additions and changes that you want, with a minimum of stress.

We’re happy to share our knowledge with you and recommend the best ways to plan for future additions to your home, and also let you know if there are ways that you might be able to add them to your original build by making a few small changes to the rest of the home. 

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That’s just one of the great things about building with Swanbuild – we’re with you throughout the whole process and we make sure we do everything we can to get you the perfect home, both now and in the future. We’ll help you think ahead, as well as provide information and design ideas. Our homes are built ready for you to move in and start living the country lifestyle, so by helping you to be prepared for anything that you may want to add over time to your home, you can start enjoying it right away, safe in the knowledge that your home is ready for any extras and additions when you are. 

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