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In the current climate, many people know exactly how much they have to spend on their homes, and don’t have much room for movement. With bank lending becoming tighter, lots of people who are looking for a new home find themselves with a very strict budget at their disposal. The other factor is that land prices have risen over the last few years, meaning you may of found that the perfect spot for your new home has cost you a little more. That is where Swanbuild can help! As custom builders we can work with you in many ways to make sure you are maximising your budget, while getting the home you’ve always dreamed of. Our processes mean we can deliver you the home that suits your needs and budget. We take a look at just some of the ways we do this…

It all starts before we build! We work with you at every step so that you know where you are in the process and what your budget can deliver. When designing your home, our team of expert designers will help you find the most effective way for your home to deliver everything you need for your lifestyle. Whether you’re after a family home, retirement home or holiday home, we will suggest plans and amendments that will help us to deliver a home that works for you and your budget. We’ll talk about your future plans too – we can help you to get planning permits for verandahs and decks, that we can then add to your home at a later date after you’ve already moved in, so that you won’t have to make sacrifices on the features you’ve always wanted. Throughout the process we’ll be upfront about all costs and how much any changes or additions will be – so that you know exactly where you are in terms of spend.


Selections Process
Next we’ll look at what’s going inside your home. You can let us know any styles you love and we can show you examples of how these fixtures and fittings will look. Seen something you want that’s a little out of your price range? All good! We can recommend alternatives of a similar look or style that will be within your budget, so you can still get the style you want in your home. The advantages of working this all out before the build is that you can fit out and colour your home with everything you love, and know what the total cost will be upfront, giving you peace of mind that you’ll know how your home will look, and the price of achieving it.

8 Benefits of Building a Modular Home

Building Your Home
The great thing about modular building is that once we have your design, we know exactly what materials we will need to build your home – so you won’t have to worry about over ordering or forgetting a vital material that could happen on a traditional build. This means that as part of your home cost, you only pay for the materials that will actually be used to complete your home.

Once building starts in our factory, we’ll precision build your home using advanced machinery and technology – allowing us to get high levels of accuracy and build your home to our extremely high quality. Once your home is 90% complete, we’ll get it ready to transport to your site – once again you’ll already know how much this will cost upfront so you won’t have to worry. When your home arrives on site, we’ll get it in place and make all the finishing touches, you won’t even know it was built in modules! Once this is complete, you’ll be ready to move in and enjoy your new home.

What’s even better is that our homes come with a 10-year structural warranty AND a 12 month maintenance warranty, letting you get on with enjoying your new home knowing that you are covered.


At Swanbuild we have a wide range of home designs, for a wide range of budgets. Take a look and find the perfect one for you and your lifestyle! We can also customise any of our plans to better suit your budget and needs – if you’ve seen a design you like but would prefer a study instead of an extra bedroom, then we can help! Many of our designs come with optional verandahs, decks or garages – you just let us know what you would like included and we’ll let you know what’s possible!

We want to be with you to advise and assist you at every step of the build. We work with you and your budget to deliver you the home you’ve always dreamed of!

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