Here’s How To Ace Indoor/Outdoor Living

In this age of smaller blocks and busy lives, we want to make even better use of our space and time in the outdoors. That is why blurring the lines between inside and outside has become so popular. There are a variety of techniques you can employ when building your home to create more space, light and the illusion of nature being right on your back doorstep.

A collection of indoor plants

Let there be light! The more windows you have, the more natural light you let inside and the more your natural surroundings are visible. Glass coverings on verandahs and frameless glass doors have a similar effect of creating space and utilising natural light. 

Cohesion of materials or furniture: Using similar materials inside and outside the home, creates cohesion. This can be something as simple as the same shelving in the indoor and outdoor spaces or the continuation of cabinetry along a kitchen wall and outside to a barbecue area.

Fine lines: Similarly, continuing with the same look flooring, ceiling or wall from inside into the outside blurs the lines of where the house starts and the outdoor area begins.

Hiding doors: Frameless doors or sliding doors that disappear into the wall cavity can truly change a space from being closed off into one that brings the outside in.

Indoor garden: A sectioned off garden or collection of indoor plants within the house also gives the illusion of bringing nature inside, not to mention a sense of tranquility. This can be particularly useful in a the case of a smaller block, where there is not much of an outdoor area.

 Whilst many of the above techniques are subtle, they can dramatically affect the ambience of your house. The versatility and convenience of indoor/outdoor living will be an enduring element of home design and construction.


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