What are your options when cooling your new home?

There are many ways to keep your home cool, including employing passive cooling principles in the design. However, if you do need extra relief in the peak of summer, it is important to consider which type of cooling best suits your home. We have investigated each of the options for cooling your house so you can choose the best for your situation.

Fans (ceiling mounted or pedestal)

Fans are a cheap and effective way to keep your home cool and with the large range available, can either be used as a design feature or blend in and go unnoticed. These are ideal if you do not have to cool your house often, or to supplement other cooling, as they essentially just move the air around.

A ceiling fan in a Swanbuild home 

Evaporative Cooling

Some might say this is the healthiest form of cooling, as it is always drawing outside air into your home, rather than recirculating the air like an air conditioner. The major downside is that this can pose issues during bushfire season. If it is smoky outside, you will be unable to run your cooling unit without drawing that air inside. It is also not an effective method of cooling if you live in a humid climate.

Air Conditioning (ducted, split system or portable)

Air conditioners take the air in your home, extract the heat, and push it outside. It is the quickest way to cool your house on a hot day and the only method in which you can set the temperature.  However, it is also the most energy hungry option. For those living in a humid climate, air conditioning is the best way to get cooler fast.

Split system air conditioner in a Swanbuild home


In addition to these options, Swanbuild Homes can help position your home on your land so as to shade key areas from the hot summer sun, and reduce your dependency on your cooling units. We can also assist you in determining the best cooling options for your needs, based on your home. Get in contact if you would like assistance in designing a dream home that delivers on comfort.


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