Our most popular additions and customisations

The great thing about building with us is the ability to customise your home to suit your lifestyle! Whether you want to turn a room into a study or a space for your hobbies, or you like a certain aesthetic look, we can help you get exactly what you are after. We take a look at some of our most popular customisations that clients are getting for their home…

Custom Kitchens
If you love cooking in the home and want to get a kitchen that allows your inner chef to shine, then look no further! We can help you fully customise your kitchen – some of the most popular items are kitchen islands and walk-in or butler’s pantry to give you all the room you’ll need for preparing those gourmet meals!

Custom Kitchens

High pitch roofs and ceiling height
Creating bright, airy spaces has long been an extremely popular design choice for clients. By adding a higher pitched roof and raised ceiling heights, not only can you get a space that feels spacious, but also add a bit of ‘wow’ factor from both inside and outside your home.

Stepless Showers
Making for a much cleaner and stylish finish, stepless showers have become very popular. Allowing for tiling designs to cover the whole floor of the bathroom if necessary, and removing potential trip hazards has led to this addition becoming a must for our clients!
increased ceiling height, higher roof pitch

Sliding Doors in & French doors
Making the most of natural light, and opening up spaces – sliding doors and French doors have always been a very popular choice. The ability to take in the view while inside or when the weather isn’t great, and the way they can seamlessly connect the outdoors with the indoors – not to mention their great looks – means that large sliding or French doors are quickly becoming big feature points in homes.

Sliding doors

Warm Wooden Flooring
Once the trend was for light coloured timber floors, often teamed with white walls for that coastal look. Now we are seeing many more clients opting for warmer colours of timber flooring – adding character and depth to a room, while still maintaining a traditional feel.

Gable Designs
We all want our homes to look just as good on the outside as on the inside. Designs with Gable walls help to achieve this, and also give that traditional country cottage look – and some serious curb appeal to your home. We’ve found in recently that Gable walls are really becoming the way to go when designing your dream home – giving clients the look they’ve always dreamed of

Gable Designs

As custom builders, Swanbuild is here to help you get the perfect home – so while these customisations and additions are the most popular, we can also tailor your new home to suit your needs – just let us know what you want, and we’ll work with you to achieve it!

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