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Why a Modular Home Is Better Than a Kit Home

Posted by Swanbuild on 26, March, 2019

If you want to build a new home and are thinking about a modular or kit home, it's important to know the difference between the two. Many homeowners think they are the same, but the key differences between modular and kit homes can affect your building process, convenience, and long-term satisfaction with your home. Here are the key advantages that make modular homes a better choice.



Kit home construction starts with production of the main parts of the house in a factory. These parts -- like the framing -- are delivered to your site, then assembled into your house. Some homeowners build the home themselves, while others hire a builder.

There are some downsides to kit homes:

  • Kit homes might not come complete, so you need to double check what the home includes before you buy. This varies by company.
  • A kit home is built on site, so if there's bad weather, the pace of construction can slow down.
  • Quality can be impacted by a number of factors including the kit manufacturer and on site trades without an overarching entity responsible for the entire process.


Like kit homes, modular homes also begin in a factory, but they are made in modules. Then two or more of these modules are moved to your home site to be finished there. Because up to 95% of the home is built in the factory first, construction can be faster because bad weather at the site doesn't delay the building -- most of the home is done before arriving at your property.

Other benefits of modular homes include:

  • Modular homes meet or exceed the same building standards that apply to traditional builders, so their quality is unquestionable.
  • They are completely customisable.

Our homes are designed for the Australian life and conditions. From homesteads designed for large acreage lots to compact living, we have a modular home you will love living in. Please contact us to get started planning your new home.

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