A Holiday Investment

In this period when more Aussies are holidaying locally, it is the perfect time to make an investment and build a holiday home. Choose a location you love or somewhere that would be a great financial opportunity. Once you have identified the right location and found the perfect home design, you can start the process of building your dream holiday home. A modular build makes the process faster, easier and more affordable.

For love, money - or both!

A holiday home can be an investment opportunity: financially, for your own happiness, or possibly, both. If the holiday house is chiefly to be a home base for you to spend time in, choose a location you love. Alternatively, if you want to build a holiday home as part of an investment opportunity, look at a place that is a popular destination. Regional prices are on the rise and after the Covid pandemic, country and beach getaways are now in high demand. Rent the home on Air Bnb/Stayz when it is not in use. This Swanbuild built home has been used as a holiday rental: https://www.booking.com/hotel/au/relajante.en-gb.html 

The Avoca, used as a holiday rental 

Picking the right spot

When picking a location for your holiday home, there are many factors to consider. Firstly, think about what size property and where you would like to live. Are you a beach lover? Do you dream of a country cottage? Consider what interests you have. What do you primarily want to do when you are holidaying or what will visitors be able to do? Whether bushwalking, surfing, horse riding, shopping, or getting away from the humdrum of city life, it is worth checking out what is on offer.

Is there potential for growth in the region you have chosen? If you are after a quiet town, you may decide to choose a low growth area. However, if you want a return on your investment, choose a location that has the potential to be more popular and attract regular visitors. Whilst it should not sway your decision too much, it is also good to know whether the location is bushfire or flood prone so that you can design and build your home accordingly. For further details on how to identify the ideal location for a holiday home, read our article on the subject: https://blog.swanbuild.com.au/identifying-ideal-location-for-holiday-home

Outdoor entertaining in The Avoca

Planning the perfect holiday home

How do you design the ideal holiday home? If you build with Swanbuild, it couldn’t be easier. We have a wide range of designs to choose from that are suitable for country or coastal homes. Alternatively, you can create your own custom design. We recommend you consider various elements for your holiday home, to make it the perfect place to unwind. Include functional living spaces, where people can gather for meals, to relax or play. Invest in an outdoor area. Most people escape to their holiday home in the warmer months so take advantage of the light, heat and fresh coastal or country air.

It is tempting to save room and money by having people share bathrooms and bedrooms but we suggest you are generous with both. Sufficient bedrooms and bathrooms ensure that everyone has enough personal space, a blessing when you are trying to relax. Consider adding a fireplace, if it suits the climate. It will encourage people to come together to chat, sing, play and unwind. It also adds an element of luxury, particularly when you are on holiday and have more time to tend to a fire. Lastly, don’t forget to add some homely touches to make your holiday home your own, or welcoming for visitors. To read about these in more detail, check out our article on 5 Features of a Great Holiday Home.

Open plan living in The Avoca

Why choose a modular holiday home?

There are many arguments as to why you should choose a modular build for your holiday home. Most people can’t afford to spend too much for what will essentially be a second home, so a modular build with a fixed budget, is an ideal choice. No doubt, you also would like to be in your holiday house as soon as possible, or to see a return on your investment, if you are renting it out. The streamlined factory build process of a modular home is also advantageous as many people live a fair distance from their holiday home. It may be difficult to constantly check on its progress if you are not living close by.

Another advantage of the modular build is that your home can be built on any terrain. Our designs can cater for sloping sites, flood or bushfire prone areas, or sites that are difficult to access. To read about this is more detail, head to our article on the subject.


Now is the time to invest in a holiday home and reap the benefits. Choose an ideal location, pick a design and get started. If you would like assistance at any stage, contact us at Swanbuild Homes and we will organise a consultation. Be in your holiday home sooner with Swanbuild.



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