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Are Your Farm Buildings Looking A Little Worse For Wear?

Posted by Swanbuild on 7, August, 2019

When the farm changes hands in your family, don’t go through the hassle and cost of renovating. Update and refresh your property with modular homes that are constructed elsewhere and assembled on site.

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Farming properties often pass from one generation to the next, but what if the retiring parents want to remain on the property once they have handed over the reins? Another question to consider is whether the original residence functions to support the new family or whether it needs updating. Many farming properties have old, dilapidated buildings that have been passed down over generations and not given the upkeep they require. Is renovation an option or do you demolish buildings and start over?

Farming is an all consuming occupation and does not leave much time for overseeing much else. There are also significant costs involved with extending. Did you know that in many cases it can actually be more expensive than rebuilding? But what if you could have a new house built for you in a factory and shipped directly to your property for assembly? Swanbuild creates modular homes and can do just that. You won’t need to move out of your home while your new one is being constructed. Even better, the factory build is a quicker process than building on site, and the cost is more certain from the outset.

By creating a new home you will add value to your property both functionally and aesthetically to future-proof your farm. You may want to order a bigger house that can accommodate retiring parents and a new family or want to add a smaller home for the retirees. Whatever the case, modular homes can be easily shipped to the property with more convenience and time saved than if you were constructing a building on the property where the family is currently living. Invest in your family’s comfort and farm’s future financial success today and call Swanbuild for a consultation. 

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