Here’s how Swanbuild builds your modular home in six easy steps

We have all heard the stories from friends relating what a nightmare building their home was. It was all too overwhelming, there were too many choices and options and there were delays to the building progress. We are here to let you know that building a modular home is a much simpler, faster process than traditional builds, and consequently, it is more of a pleasure than a pain.

Selecting colours for a new modular home

Swanbuild Modular Homes follow a six step process:

1. Choosing your home design: Firstly, we have you choose the design of your home. You can select one of our designs or use your own. There is also the option to walk through our display homes to assist you in understanding what the design feels like in real life. 

2. Site and Design Pack: This is where all the nitty gritty is sorted out and paperwork filled in. This step includes:

  • Site inspection;
  • Draft up your home concept plan;
  • Initial Planning Enquiry with your local Council/Shire;
  • Home Concept Design Estimate 
  • Preparation of all documents that form part of the Building Contract package

3. Signing the Contract: Once everything is in place and drawings have been prepared, we move to the Contract & Deposit stage. This is an agreement between Swanbuild and yourself to build your home and details what’s included in your home design as standard, price and progress payment schedule.

The contract will go into detail on the building schedule, as well as at what stage payments are required, so you know up front when and where your money will be going.

4. Selecting Home Finishing Items: An exciting part of your build journey begins! We’ll work with you so your new home has the exact look and feel that you’ll love. During this stage you’ll have a huge range of finishes, fixtures, fitting and colours to choose from as part of our standard allowance.

You’ll also have the option to give your home an individual touch with optional extras and alternative fixtures & fittings – we’ll advise you of any extra costs to make sure you stay within budget.

5. Constructing Your Home: When your allotted build-time arrives, we'll begin building your home in our purpose built factory. We use hi-tech machinery and skilled trades people to make sure that your home is built to Swanbuild’s incredibly high standards.

Your home will be 95% completed in our factory, so there will be no delays caused by weather or other external factors and we’ll keep you updated at every step with regular photos so you can see your home taking shape.

When the modular home is constructed on your land the finishing touches will be made.

6. Moving in! This is the most exciting part of all, you are able to move into your newly finished home. You’ll receive your keys, certificate of ownership, your welcome pack, full details of the Homeowners Warranty Insurance, and after sales service details. All that’s left is for you to relax and enjoy your new home!

Are you interested in building a quality home quickly and minus the fuss? Contact us today to start the process of making your dream home a reality in just six easy steps.


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