Enhance Your New Home Façade With An Upgraded Exterior Package


If you've been thinking about choosing Swanbuild to build your dream home, now is the time to take that next step. For March and April, we are offering a generous exterior upgrade package to all homes in our range.  


We know it's hard to be a homeowner or a home builder right now. While there is a lot of volatility in the market, we here at Swanbuild are doing everything we can to ensure that your build process with us will be a positive experience. We have a commitment to keeping you informed and helping you through every step of your home-building journey. A build with Swanbuild means a modern home from our range of fully customisable designs, assistance with council approvals and permits, a factory-based building process to ensure quick timelines and quality finishes, and the freedom to choose your fittings and inclusions to truly make your home your own. 

A free exterior upgrade package is the new addition to your home-building journey from Swanbuild. For a limited time only get $5,000 for home packages under $600k and $8,000 for home packages over $600k to spend on exterior upgrades for your house. Whether you are choosing a classic country-style home or a modern contemporary design, there is an upgrade option for you. Read below for what upgrades are available and how they can improve the look and feel of your new home. 

Finials and Fretwork

Finials and Fretwork

Small but effective, the addition of finials and fretwork is one of the most effective ways to add country style to the exterior of your home. Fretwork is the decorative timber edging made from timber with various patterns and designs found under the gable of most period roofs. The finial, generally made from timber, is the small vertical feature used to highlight the apex of a gable. Gabled roofs with the additions of finials and fretwork are a hallmark of the traditional country style. They're a simple upgrade for a substantial effect and ideally suited to designs from our Acre and Country Living series of homes. 



Verandah Posts and corner brackets

Double Verandah Posts and Corner Brackets

A deep verandah is the trademark of a classic Australian country home. At Swanbuild we have a variety of options to upgrade your classic Australian verandah with decorative touches and finishes. Double Posts is a go-to for all our clients who want to give their verandahs the feel of a classic country homestead. Corner Brackets require little effort, but offer great rewards. The right-angle timber pieces turn a simple post and ceiling meeting point into a focal point of classic design. Combined with finials and fretwork, your home's facade and verandah will be perfectly adorned for a traditional country look. 



Front door


The Entryway to your home is one of the most important places to make an impression and a great place to add a little extra design flair for maximum effect. An SPM or Spliced Pacific Maple door is a considerable upgrade from a standard front door. The SPM door, with its engineered construction for added stability, can make your entry a grand entry. The added heft and weight of the door has a great look and feel and even adds an extra level of security to your home. 



Enclosed steps

Enclosed Steps

The difference between enclosed and standard steps is worlds apart in the final look of your staircase. The standard steps included in a Swanbuild home are 1000mm wide Merbau steps which we can easily upgrade for a more premium feel. Enclosed steps add timber to the rise of the staircase to make the access point feel uniform and complete. Enclosed steps are an ideal upgrade for any home design in the Swanbuild range.



Timber Cladding


There is a reason that most of our Swnbuild homes are finished with Timber cladding. Timber cladding is an excellent building material, and it's versatile, eco-friendly and a great insulator. On Swanbuild homes, we use Either James Hardie Primeline Heritage/Linea Weatherboard or James Hardie Axon 3 Cladding painted in your choice of colour. When upgrading your cladding, Swanbuild has a few options available to you. For our contemporary home designs, you can upgrade to vertical timber cladding. Vertical cladding is a stylish look that adds visual appeal. If your home design features a portico entrance, you can also upgrade to include timber cladding to your entry portico. 



These exterior upgrades not only increase the overall value of your house but epitomise the country look or sleek modern design of the homes in the Swanbuild range. 
Talk to us today about all the options available to you as well as see our standard inclusions booklet to see what comes standard on a Swanbuild home and what other upgrades are available. 


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