Coming to Swanbuild: The Sustainable Living Inclusions Package

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Swanbuild is giving our clients choices—a choice of floorplan, design, fixtures and fittings, and much more.

That's why we are so excited to announce our new Sustainable Living Inclusions Package. With this package option, you will be able to choose any of our expertly designed floorplans, upgrade your plans to include the Sustainable Living Inclusions Package, and create a NetZero status home.

What is the Sustainable Living Inclusions Package?

You can add a Sustainable Living Inclusions Package to any Swanbuild design to make your home a NetZero home. A NetZero home is a house that has been sustainably built and designed to make minimal impact on the environment, and that will use renewable energy sources to help keep the home running, plus the latest in insulation and smart technology to not only reduce the carbon footprint of the home but essentially create more energy that you require to give you a comfortable lifestyle that is good for you and the environment.


Solar Panels

How is it achieved?

Renewable energy sources

We are lucky enough to live in one of the sunniest countries in the world; beyond the great lifestyle that affords us, the sun's use as an energy source is the main untapped resource that will turn your home into a NetZero home. Your Sustainable Living Inclusions Package can include adding solar panels and a battery to create, store and distribute your own energy for the home. 


Home with added insulation

Homes orientation

When working with you to find the perfect Swanbuild design for your site, we will also decide on the optimal position for your new home. The position of your home will work to ensure that not only is your solar array gaining the maximum amount of available sunshine, but that we place your home to gain the most from passive solar energy, this includes sunshine in the winter to warm the interior as well as shade in the summer to maintain the temperature of the home. 

Water conservation

The roof of your new home is not only the best place to gain solar energy but also the best place to harvest natural rainfall. Paired with efficient plumbing to keep your home water usage to a minimum whilst not affecting your day-to-day living, the addition of water tanks and rainwater harvesting means you will be less reliant on the water mains or, better yet, not even need to be connected to an external water supply.


PVC Windows


Superior insulation in your home's floor, walls and roof is one of the main factors in ensuring your home retains its internal temperature and doesn't waste energy through heat loss. With the addition of double-glazed windows, your home will take less energy to heat or cool and keep its desired temperature for longer. 

Energy-efficient appliances 

High-performance appliances that use less energy but still maintain output and LED lighting will also work towards your home reaching the NetZero status.

Why Modular construction is ideal for NetZero

Our home-building process at Swanbuild means that we create less waste in the construction of your home, as we can share resources across projects, and our expedited timeframes mean we use less energy overall. This all contributes to reducing your home’s carbon footprint. 

What are the outcomes?

Individuals and the construction industry desperately need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources. While this can seem like a lofty goal, for the individual home builder whose home achieves NetZero status, this means nothing but advantages to the broader environment and your daily life. Your home's lowered energy usage and high energy gains mean your energy bills will be almost non-existent. The added insulation and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system ensure that the internal air quality of your home is greatly improved, and your home will maintain a constant, comfortable temperature. An added bonus of NetZero is that you will no longer depend on external energy sources and companies whose pricing and costs are unpredictable and can change frequently.

Will the homes still have heating and air conditioning?

Yes! In fact, your new NetZero home will include the latest heating and cooling technologies (HVAC systems). However, your home will differ from others because its superior insulation and positioning means that you will find yourself using heating and cooling much less. Your home's NetZero status means it will stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter. 


homes battery system

What will the homes look like?

Our NetZero homes with a Sustainable Living Inclusions Package are available on ANY Swanbuild design. The best part is that these homes look like any other in our design series apart from solar panels and a battery system.

Want to see for yourself? We are pleased to be opening our brand-new amdended Eden 20 display home at our Bendigo location to showcase exactly what you can expect in one of our NetZero homes. Come on down for our open day on Friday, April 5th, and get a feel for the improved living standards you can achieve with the Sustainable Living Inclusions Package. You can download our new Sustainable Living Catalogue here.

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