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4 Must-Know Tips to Make Your New Build Water Efficient

Posted by Swanbuild on 26, February, 2019

When it comes to a new build, installing water efficient systems, fixtures, and appliances offer a variety of benefits. For starters, you can save on water costs. Secondly, conserving water is important for the environment and preserving this precious resource for future generations. Lastly, water conserving efforts help to minimise the effects of droughts and water shortages. Let's take a look at 4 ways you can make your new build water efficient.

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Installing a rainwater tank is a great way to make use of rainwater which would otherwise just evaporate. Rainwater can be used for everything but is perfect for doing laundry, flushing toilets, and watering gardens. This can considerably reduce the amount of water used in your home, saving you money in the process. 


When it comes to making your new build as water efficient as possible, take a look at your appliances and fixtures. We provide efficient showerheads and dual flush toilets, but it’s worth thinking about your washing machine and dishwasher and upgrading these to water efficient models (check out their water efficiency rating labels). This upgrade will not only conserve precious water but may also cut down on your water costs, which will in turn save you money.


Greywater comes from your washing machine, showers, dishwasher, and sink. As part of your site connections, a greywater recycling system may be installed. Recycled greywater is ideal for watering gardens and trees. This is a great way to make use of water which will otherwise go to waste while conserving clean water. 


Be mindful of when you water your outdoor plants. Watering in the heat of the day will lead to evaporation of the water before the plant has time to make use of it. Instead, water your garden and plants early in the morning or late in the afternoon to reduce the amount of evaporation. Replacing non-indigenous plants with Australian natives that can withstand dry conditions will also help to cut down your water use whilst still having the pleasure of a thriving garden.

Here at Swanbuild, we can work with you to customise your modular home and get the water efficient home you desire. Contact us today to get started on your new build!

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