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Veggie Garden 101: Year Round Gardening

Posted by Swanbuild on 14, July, 2017

Developing a veggie garden year-round takes some time and preparation to determine which vegetables thrive in which seasons. In this article we'll cover the most common vegetables for each season so you can create a successful veggie garden all year long.

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Renovating vs. Rebuilding - Which is Right for You?

Posted by Swanbuild on 7, July, 2017

With all the popularity of home renovation shows, it can be tempting to consider buying an older home to renovate, in the hopes of turning a flop into a fabulous home.  For some individuals, home renovation can be an exciting adventure however for many others, home renovation projects can be challenging to say the least.  In this article, we will review some of the things to consider when trying to decide whether to renovate or simply tear down and start from scratch.

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Three Major Advantages of Modular Construction

Posted by Swanbuild on 20, June, 2017

A growing number of home owners are realising the benefits of modular construction which include lower costs, shorter work schedules, and reduced disruption to residents. It's been a growing trend for some time now, and it's only expected to continue. To help provide a bit more insight, we’ve put together a summary of the top 3 reasons more people are choosing to build modular than ever before:

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Designing a Beautiful Elderly-Friendly Home

Posted by Swanbuild on 31, May, 2017

In a time where age is just a number, individuals strive to retain their independence as long as possible.  Fortunately, home design is meeting the demands of this trend by featuring beautiful living spaces with subtle, yet key design elements that effectively support the changing needs of homeowners as they enjoy their retirement years.

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How To Take Advantage of the $20,000 First Home Owners Grant

Posted by Swanbuild on 23, May, 2017

If you’re thinking about buying your first home, you’ve probably heard about the Victorian State Governments plans to double the grant money available for first home owners who build new homes in Regional Victoria. This means that as of July 1st 2017, first home buyers will be entitled to a $20,000 grant, instead of the $10,000 currently available.

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