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Everything You Need to Know about Polished Concrete Floors

Posted by Swanbuild on 11, May, 2018

If you’re building a new home, you already know there are a lot of decisions to make along the way, one of those being flooring. What kind of floor do you want in your living room? Your kitchen? Your bathroom? The bedrooms? Floorboards are often a popular choice, however recently more homeowners are opting for a stylish alternative – polished concrete.  

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Spring Cleaning In The Autumn: Why It's Important

Posted by Swanbuild on 27, April, 2018

As the Summer months wind down and seasons start to turn colder, homeowners would be wise to consider an unexpected concept: Autumn house cleaning. Although spring cleaning is fairly normal for families to undertake as Summer starts, most don't consider a similar cleaning routine in the Autumn months.

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3 Advantages of Modular Homes For Rural Areas

Posted by Swanbuild on 5, April, 2018

If you've decided you want to move to the country, you're probably thinking about fresh air, sunshine and nights filled with the sounds of cicadas instead of the honk of horns and the thumping of a city. What you might not be thinking about is all the additional costs that can come with getting your dream house built in the country.

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4 Helpful Tips When Moving House

Posted by Swanbuild on 19, March, 2018

Moving into your new home is an exciting experience. Before the ink can dry on your mortgage paperwork you're probably already visualising how you will decorate. First, you must move out of your current home and thankfully, moving doesn't need to be an overwhelming experience. Below we have listed some tricks of the trade that will take the stress out of moving into your new home:

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Benefits of High Pitch Roof Modular Homes

Posted by Swanbuild on 8, March, 2018

If you’re looking for a unique, durable, low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing home that can withstand all sorts of weather conditions, a high pitch roof modular home could very well tick all the boxes! There are many benefits of investing in a high pitch roof for your new home and we’ve outlined the top three below:  

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