The Challenges Of Complex Or Remote Sites: Solved With A Modular Home

We hear from many of our clients that they initially need help finding the best home-building solution.

From rural and remote sites that present issues with attracting trades, to difficult to access properties with sloping sites and complex requirements, at Swanbuild, we understand that the answer to many of these issues is the same solution: a modular home.
Modular home building means your home is built primarily off-site, with only minimal work taking place on your land, most notably preparing the floor joists for your home to rest and the installation and final touches once your home is in place. We dive into some of the common questions we often get asked about complex sites and how modular home building might answer your building needs…


house on remote block of land

I have a remote property and wonder if I can get builders here. Can you transport a modular home to me?

A modular home is the perfect solution for our rural and regional clients with remote properties. A significant pressure point for regional builders is the time it takes to travel to specific sites and the added cost of transporting essential heavy equipment. At Swanbuild, we build our homes to 85% completion in our quality-controlled factory. This process means most of the work occurs in one location, heavy specialised equipment does not need to move from our factory, and you are not stuck with the expense or headaches of moving equipment on and off your land. As a part of the home building journey with us, you will know any transportation charges upfront and we can help manage the trades you select to make the connection to services on installation day. We are proud to transport homes around Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.


House on sloping site

The best spot for my home on my land is on a sloping site. Will this affect the type of home I can build?

We can still build your dream home on a sloping site. There are two options for a sloping site: you can either utilise earthworks to 'cut and fill' your property and remove the slope or use our stumping system to elevate your home. 

Cut and fill means moving the earth from further up the slope to create a flat area for your home to rest on. The cut-and-fill approach means your home will blend into its surroundings and is more nestled into the block. 

In what sounds counterintuitive with our stumping system, building an elevated home on a sloping site makes your home more stable. We prepare your site by installing our custom-built, galvanised steel floor joists on heavy-duty engineered stumps, creating a rock-solid foundation for your home to rest on. This footing system means you can still choose almost any of our incredible home designs and have the home of your dreams on your sloping site. 


house surrounded by trees

What steps do you take if my property is in an area prone to bushfires?

The Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating refers to the likelihood that your property will be at risk of bushfires. Our in-house town planner will communicate with your local council to understand your site's BAL rating and create a design that meets your rating. We address the BAL rating in various ways:

•    Choosing materials for your home that are more fire or ember-resistant.
•    The placement of windows and doors.
•    Selecting glass with greater thickness.
•    Adding screens to doors and windows
•    Selecting a roofline shape 
•    Building decks from fire-repellant materials.

At Swanbuild, we can design a home to meet almost every level of BAL rating, however we unfortunately cannot build in 'flame zones'. 

Parts of my property are prone to flooding. Can I still build a house here?

Your local council will have information relating to your land's flooding risk. We’ll work with your council to ensure your home is built to withstand the flood risk. In addition to selecting the best placement for your home on your land, we can also elevate your home so that water can pass through, reducing flood risks. The placement of your home is also crucial in encouraging water runoff and maximising drainage on your site.

You will be pleasantly surprised how a modular home can solve many complex building site requirements. Our team are experts at designing homes for all types of land, dealing with local councils and delivering homes that our clients love. If you have any questions about your site or want to know how we've helped other home builders, please reach out to us and learn more today.

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