Building Your Home Strong Enough To Withstand Cyclones And Achieve A High Cyclonic Wind Rating

In today’s environment, it feels like every few months areas of Australia are hit with "once-in-a-lifetime weather events". Having a home that doesn’t just stand up to extreme weather, but also survives it is becoming increasingly important to new home builders across the country. 

From the steel engineered underfloor system to the moisture-barrier timber roof framing, all Swanbuild homes are built to withstand powerful weather systems. Read below to learn more about how we construct strong homes for all climates and how your new Swanbuild home is ready to withstand the impacts of a cyclone… 


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What is the cyclonic wind rating system?

While the word cyclone can sound serious, the cyclonic wind rating system defines the wind speed level your home can withstand for a certain period. The rating system is broken down into two categories N: Non-cyclonic zones and C: Cyclonic zones. At Swanbuild, we construct every home regardless of your site's location to withstand a wind rating level of W41C. The W41C rating means that your new home can easily maintain structural integrity at wind speeds of up to 115km/h, up to the ultimate speed of 180km/h. 

cyclonic wind rating table

I don't live in a cyclonic area. Does this affect me?

The cyclonic rating is a system that easily identifies the strength of your home. While you may not live in an area that is prone to cyclones, the rating system provides insight into how strong your new home will be and the harsh weather and strong winds it will be able to withstand. Our rural customers know that it doesn't take a cyclone for adverse effects of wild winds to hit properties and have lasting effects. 


Talk to the team today to learn more about how we factor in climate and weather when creating your home and the steps we take to build strong homes ready for any type of weather pattern.


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