The Top Things To Keep In Mind When Designing Your Dream Kitchen

If you choose to build your home with Swanbuild, you'll be delighted to know that all of our home designs come with a kitchen that is tailor-made to fit the available space. 

We understand that a kitchen is not just a place for cooking, but a space where the entire family can come together to enjoy spending time together and making memories. That's why we offer you the flexibility to personalise any home design to create a kitchen that's perfect for you and your family. 

walk in pantry butler's pantry

Storage + Walk in pantry

In any kitchen, ample storage space is a must. But it's not just about having space - it's about using it efficiently. A walk-in pantry is a smart solution that can help you do just that. It's a perfect spot to store essential appliances like blenders, juicers, or air fryers, keeping them out of the main kitchen area. Many of our clients also opt for a second sink and dishwasher in the pantry, reducing clutter and maximising the premium space in the main kitchen.


classic kitchen with island big open plan kitchen

Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is a high-traffic area in your home, so it's important to consider how you'll use it. You should decide whether you need a sink or cooktop on the island based on your needs. If you spend a lot of time cooking, consider placing the cooktop on the island so you can easily keep an eye on the living spaces while you cook. If it's only really used as a place for food prep, you can keep it as a simple bench without a sink or cooktop. 

black kitchen with under cabinet lighting kitchen with hanging pendant lights


When planning your kitchen, don't overlook the importance of lighting. It's not just about functionality - it's about creating the right ambiance. A bright overhead light is essential for cooking, ensuring you can see everything clearly. But once you've finished cooking and moved to the living area, a full work light in the kitchen is unnecessary. Consider installing under cabinet lighting or LED downlights with a warm yellow hue to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere in your kitchen. A dramatic linear pendant light or multiple hanging pendant lights are a clever way of putting the kitchen island into focus and delineating the space that you can use for both food preparation and entertaining.

If you have any questions about making your dream kitchen a reality or want to get started on your home building journey reach out to our team today.

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