The Best Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Cooler Months: Design Tips And Seasonal Maintenance

Can you feel it? The clocks have switched back, the leaves have started to change colour, and we've had to start wearing an extra layer... Autumn is well and truly upon us. 

Now is the perfect time to get your home ready inside and out for the colder seasons. We’ve put together some tips on refreshing your interior design palette and preparing your homes for the cooler months ahead. 

living area with autumnal tones

Autumnal designs

Refresh your home's look by adding some seasonal colour and texture trends. The easiest way of doing this in autumn is by adding a few statement pieces to your home. As you would have read in our top design trends of 2024 blog, deep jewelled tones and maximalism are in, so don't be afraid to add some autumnal tones in the form of throw rugs and pillows to give your space a trendy and cosy feel. For autumn, we also love adding candles. Go one better and choose classic scents like cinnamon, vanilla and sandalwood to give your home a seasonal feel. 

outdoor space of new home

Outdoor spaces

While the colder weather doesn't mean a complete end to outdoor entertaining, it might slightly change how we use our outdoor spaces. To prepare for the change in weather, we recommend cleaning your gutters to remove debris and ensure there is adequate drainage for the autumn and winter rainfall. If you are the lucky owner of an outdoor fireplace, now is the perfect time to stock up on firewood and make sure you have enough for those mild autumn nights. Likewise, for patio heaters, this is the ideal time to refill your gas canisters and check that they are functioning correctly with no leaks.

DesignFiles Gardenimage

Garden Tips

Nothing looks better in spring than a garden you worked on in autumn or winter! For your green spaces, we recommend pruning any trees or bushes of dead or drying branches; this will promote healthy growth in the future. While the leaves have started to fall, rake them up and give your garden some of the best and cheapest mulch possible by adding them to your garden beds; this will hold in moisture and keep down any weeds.  


If you're thinking of building a new home, why not book in for a consultation with our team this Autumn and we could be handing over your keys ready for Autumn 2025.


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