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Commitment to Quality and Progress For Customer Satisfaction

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Swanbuild Homes of 2019

5 Features of a Great Holiday Home

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A Standard Package That Truly Delivers

What’s Your Style? From a House to a Home

You Can Keep Up With The Joneses

Kids In The Countryside

Thinking Of Retiring From Farm Life?

Get Moving. Start Living.

Are Your Farm Buildings Looking A Little Worse For Wear?

By The Numbers

Your Neverending (Home Improvement) Story

Outfitting Your Farm for the Dream Retirement

Keep Your Farm in the Family

Top Reasons Australians Are Heading To The Country

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Farm Labour

The Great Escape

Why a Modular Home Is Better Than a Kit Home

Defining Features For Modern Farmhouse Style

4 Must-Know Tips to Make Your New Build Water Efficient

Identifying The Ideal Location for Your Holiday Home

Considerations When Positioning Your Home

Planning Your New Home’s Orchard

Choosing A Floor Plan Layout For Your New Home

Key Questions To Consider Before Retirement

Benefits of Country Living

Swanbuild Homes of 2018

Custom Home in Hurstbridge | Swanbuild | Modular Homes

Country Style Wall Treatment Ideas

Choosing The Right Kitchen Cooktop

A Guide to Outdoor Furniture

Energy and Eco-Friendly Ideas For Your New Home

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Choosing the Right White Paint for Your Home

Why a Modular Home in Australia Could be the Best Option for You

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Everything You Need to Know about Polished Concrete Floors

Spring Cleaning In The Autumn: Why It's Important

3 Advantages of Modular Homes For Rural Areas

4 Helpful Tips When Moving House

Benefits of High Pitch Roof Modular Homes

Building a New Home: Understanding the Most Common After-Build Regrets

Luxury Modular Homes for the 21st Century

Designing a Child-Friendly Home

What is the Difference Between a Kit Home and a Modular Home?

Building a Minimal Maintenance Home

Smart Technology for Modular Homes

Advantages of Elevated Homes that Extend Beyond the Views

Swanbuild Homes of 2017

Must-Have Features For A Truly Functional Laundry

Building on a Sloping Block - Is Modular Construction a Good Choice?

Helpful Tips for Selecting the Right Carpet

The 6 Key Stages of Building a New Home

Making Your Home Your Own: Interior Design and Decorating Tips

High-End Houses: The Rise of Luxury Modular Homes

Interior Decorating: How to Create a Modern & Inviting Home

How Modular Homes Are Redefining Retirement

Eco-Friendly Modular Homes

Designing Your Dream Home: What You Need to Know

Considering Cladding: Options for Your New Home

A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Tapware

Veggie Garden 101: Year Round Gardening

Renovating vs. Rebuilding - Which is Right for You?

Three Major Advantages of Modular Construction

Designing a Beautiful Elderly-Friendly Home

How To Take Advantage of the $20,000 First Home Owners Grant

8 Advantages of Polished Concrete Floors

What is Your Preferred Home Style? Overview of Key Style Categories

Essential Considerations When Buying a Block of Land

30-Minute Home Maintenance Jobs to Tackle This Weekend

Modular vs Built On-site Homes: Key Similarities and Differences

Practical Tips to Help Save Your Home Deposit Sooner

Interior Design Trends That Are Set to Shape Our Homes

Cube Modular Homes Gaining Ground in Australia

Narrow Lot House Plans: How to Make the Most of Your Space

Built to Lock Up or Package Home: What's the Difference?

Modular Homes: The Eco-Friendly Choice

Keep Your Home Organised Year-Round with These 14 Hacks

15 Questions To Ask Your Builder Before Signing a Contract

Four Tips to Downsize to Your Dream Home

Customising A Modular Home: The Possibilities are Endless

Five Ways to Keep Your Home Safe when Heading on Vacation

Swanbuild Homes of 2016

8 Benefits of Building a Modular Home

Prepare Your Home & Minimse Fire Risk

4 Ways to Bring the Outside In

Top 4 Reasons People Buy Modular Homes

6 Spring Cleaning Jobs That Will Leave You Feeling Fresh and Inspired

Building a Modular House Can Help Get You in to Your Home More Quickly

Swanbuild Introduces Commercial Division “Pretect”

Disability Friendly Modular Homes

Building vs Buying: How to Find Your Dream Home Sooner

How to Help Your Pet Settle into Your New Home

5 Hidden Costs When Building a House

Selecting the Right Bathroom Tiles: Our Top 3 Tips

Going Mad For Marble

3 Myths About Prefabricated Homes Busted

How Business Franchises Can Benefit from Portable Buildings

How 3D Printing is Changing the World of Construction

Homebuilding Trends for 2015

The Best Locations in Victoria for a Holiday Home

Building on a Sloping Block? Here’s What You Need to Know

Types of Soil Suited for Construction

Choosing a Suitable Site for Your Kit Home: Top 4 Factors to Consider

Site Preparations for Prefabricated Homes: 5 Things You Need to Do

What Makes Prefabricated Homes a Favourable Housing Option

Building Your Dream Home: 5 Things You Need to Do

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